When does the season begin? How long is the season?

Our season begins with tryouts that usually occurs in early October. The length of the season depends on the team.

  • A Regional team will end the season with the Boys Regional Championship (typically in March)
  • A Coastal team will end the season with the Boys East Coast Championship (Memorial weekend at the end of May)
  • A National team will end the season with the Boys Juniors National Championship (around week of July 4th)
  • A Practice team will depend on coaches and resource availability

How often are tournaments?

Our goal is to have each team play in one to two tournaments per month. Our less experienced teams compete less often but hold regular practices.

My son is new to volleyball. Will you accept unexperienced players?

Absolutely! For our 12 and under age group, we strive to accept all players that tryout (assuming enough players to form a team.) For our other teams, we are looking for any athletic player who is willing to learn and has an aptitude for picking up the sport quickly.

How much does a season cost?

The cost for a season varies based on whether your son is on a Practice, Regional, Coastal or National team. Generally speaking, the cost can range from $650 to $2500 per season. This cost covers facility rentals, equipment costs, uniforms, registration fees, and coaches travel expenses.

How many teams do you support each year?

We are interested in growing the sport of boys volleyball so our goal is to support as many teams as possible. However, we may need to turn away players based on positions available on a team and coaches and resources availability. On average, we have at least five teams a season.

My son is 10 years old. Is he too young to start?

Absolutely not. MVP supports a 12 and under team, with players who have started as young as 8 years old.

Where and when do you have practices?

All of our teams generally practice once or twice a week (usually on Sunday afternoon and a weeknight) at a local Montgomery County Public School gym. Locations and times vary based on gym availability.