14 and Under

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Team Roster

Player NameJersey #School
Hayden Agan 50 Robert Frost MS
Ismail Akdere 20 Forest Oak MS
Andrew Ahn 2 Harvest Scene Academy
Owen Ehlers 4 Lakelands Park MS
Nathan Goh 15 Gaithersburg MS
Jackson Kelley 27 Glenwood Middle School
Connor Kennedy 30 Julius West MS
Sean Mao 8 Bullis School
Aaryan Patel 9 Hallie Wells MS
Robert Song 31 Robert Clemente MS
Corwin Trouteaud 49 Cabin John MS
Andy Wang 14 Hoover MS
Daniel Zhou 56 Robert Frost MS

Head Coach: Ray Goh
Assistant Coach: Steve Hollies

Practice Locations

Beall Elementary School

451 Beall Ave
Rockville, MD 20850

Stone Mill Elementary School

14323 Stonebridge View Dr 
North Potomac, MD 20878

Whetstone Elementary School

19201 Thomas Farm Rd 
Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Great Seneca Creek Elementary School

13010 Dairymaid Dr 
Germantown, MD 20874

South Lake Elementary School

18201 Contour Rd 
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Stedwick Elementary School

10631 Stedwick Rd 
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Watkins Mill Elementary School

19001 Watkins Mill Rd 
Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Robert Frost Middle School

9201 Scott Dr
Rockville, MD 20850

Tournament Schedule

Tournament NameDateLocationStatus
Fellowship Women's BB Nov 18, 2017 Soccer Stop Confirmed
Washington International Boys' Scrimmage Tournament Dec 3, 2017 Washington International School Confirmed
Annapolis Invitational Dec 17, 2017 Elkridge, MDConfirmed
Arlington Elite Boys 14s January 7, 2018 Jessup, MDConfirmed
Molten Rochester CAN-AM January 13-14 Rochester, N.Y.Confirmed
Baltimore Elite Boys 14s Jan 28, 2018 Reisterstown, MD Confirmed
BRYC Boys 14s Feb 18, 2018 Sterling, VA Confirmed
Boys Atlantic Northeastern Tournament (BANE) February 23-25 Harrisburg, PAConfirmed
Boys CHRVA Regionals March 11, 2018 Jessup, MD Registered
ODR RVC North March 17, 2018 Henrico, VA Registered
GMU Invitational April 8, 2018 Frederick, MD Registered
MVSA 14s Invitational April 22, 2018 Westminster, MD Withdrawn
MVP Boys 12/13/14s May 13, 2018 Sterling, VA Cancelled
Boys' East Coast Championship May 26-28 Richmond, VAConfirmed
Boys Junior National Championship July 2-6 Phoenix, ArizonaRegistered



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