MVP 9Man

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2013-2014 Teams


Coaches:  Johnny Hsiung and Bryant Lee


Coach:  JJ Rathnam

MVP Slackers

Coach:  Teresa Hoang

MVP Fusion

Coach:  Kelly Chang

Team Composition

MVP 9-Man club teams compete at the highest level in the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (NACIVT).

The MVP 9-Man club goal is to win both the men's and women's NACIVT each year.  Players in the MVP 9-Man club play and compete in various volleyball tournaments (indoor sixes, reverse co-ed fours and sixes, and outdoor doubles) all year round.  Members of the MVP 9-Man club love the sport of volleyball and seek to improve their abilities each and every practice.  Each season, we support at least four teams:

  • MVP A - Mens Team
  • MVP B - Mens Team
  • MVP Turtles - Boys Team
  • MVP Slackers - Womens Team
  • MVP Fusion - Womens Team

However, year-to-year we may support additional teams if there are sufficient number of players and resources to support these teams.