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2018-2019 Teams

MVP 18-1 Coastal

Head Coach: Cameron Palmer
Assistant Coach: Eli Horn

MVP 17-1 National

Head Coach: Justin Fowler
Assistant Coach: Kevin Yang

MVP 15-1 National

Head Coach: Ray Goh
Assistant Coach: Brad Ehlers

MVP 14-1 National

Head Coach: Phil Huang
Assistant Coach: Homer Chien
Assistant Coach: Cat Rodriguez

MVP 14 Flash Regional

Head Coach: Eray Wang
Assistant Coach: Homer Chien

MVP 14 Flame Regional

Head Coach: Danny Fowler
Assistant Coach: Justin Fowler

MVP 12-1 National

Head Coach: Thanh Huang
Assistant Coach: Ou Huang
Assistant Coach: JJ Rathnam

MVP 12-1 Sparks

Head Coach: Linda Morley
Assistant Coach: Scott Pringle

Team Compositions

Each year we try and support as many teams as possible.  The number of teams we support is driven by how many boys turn out for tryouts, and is dependent on the availability of our coaching staff.

Our club goal is to grow the sport of boys volleyball in Maryland.  Each year during tryouts we try to support as many teams as possible, minimizing the number of boys that are "cut."  Based on the team's talent and experience, we may field National teams, Coastal teams, Regional teams, or Training teams.  Ideally, we would liked to support the following teams each season:

  • MVP U18
  • MVP U16
  • MVP U14
  • MVP U13
  • MVP U12

The number of teams and age groups supported will vary from year to year.