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  1. Wootton High School Wins the 2023 MCPS County Championship
  2. MVP 12 Black Wins Gold at MD Jrs 12s Mixed
  3. MCPS Finals on Tuesday, Wootton vs Walter Johnson!
  4. MCPS Playoff Results – The Final Four
  5. MCPS Playoffs 1st Round Results : Into the Elite 8!
Team NameHead CoachAssistant Coach(es)
MVP 18 BlackPaul ChinHomer Chien, Lucas Chang, Brad Ehlers
MVP 17 BlackRay GohJon Tang, Jimmy Lin
MVP 16 BlackOu HuangBen OuYang, Jade Guo
MVP 16 Red Kevin YangAnthony On
MVP 15 BlackJJ RathnamErika Eastham, Steve Hollies, Erik Hillard
MVP 15 RedJonathan SchiffDanny Lin, Juno Kim
MVP 14 BlackJon TangJimmy Lin
MVP 14 RedSara WilliamsAlex Llerena
MVP 12 BlackPaul ChinKeefe Lee, Austin Huang, Grace Lau

Coaches may select practice players to support their team(s). Practice players will practice with their team, but will only attend tournaments on a as-needed basis. Please remember that during practices, the coaches will be giving priority to team players over practice players, but will continue to work with practice players to improve their volleyball skills and prepare them for possible promotion to full team member.