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  1. Wootton High School Wins the 2023 MCPS County Championship
  2. MVP 12 Black Wins Gold at MD Jrs 12s Mixed
  3. MCPS Finals on Tuesday, Wootton vs Walter Johnson!
  4. MCPS Playoff Results – The Final Four
  5. MCPS Playoffs 1st Round Results : Into the Elite 8!

MVP 16 Black

1Sebastian Bergstedt-Timko
3Emmanuel Agyeman
4Declan Hunter
6Andrew Lam
7Alexander Vanegas
9Logan Thompson
12Marcello Toledo
13Timothy OuYang
16Max Lizondo
18Stephen Cheng
24John Liu
26Luke LaVal
27Michael Horton

Head Coach:
Ou Huang
Assistant Coaches: Ben OuYang, Jade Guo

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