Our young MVP 12s had their first tournament of the season over the weekend at Maryland Juniors. For the majority of this young team, it was their first competitive game experience they’ve ever had. Head coach, Keefe Lee shares his thoughts about this important milestone in these player’s careers:

“Our 2022 season is composed of a really young team that has an average team age of 10 years old and an average team height of 4′-9″ competing in U12. This team will have plenty of time to develop together before the majority of the players move up to U13. The coaching staff for U12 program’s core belief is to give the players a progressive learning experience. Many of our players on the team never played in a tournament and had very little exposure proper ball handling skills and footwork. In 3 months time to prepare for the first tournament of the season, they gave an exciting performance. One of the highlights of the tournament was winning their 1st set of the first match, which helped with their confidence for the remainder of the day. They also got accustomed to the work assignments such as scorekeeping and line judging very quickly.”

It sounds like they are on their way to a bright future. We are excited to see the future of this promising group. Let’s go MVP 12!