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Information and discussions available for the 18-1 team.

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MVP Teams Return Home from BECC and SAC in Richmond, VA!

Maryland Volleyball Program sent 6 teams to Richmond, VA over Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the Boys East Coast Championships (18s, 17s, 15s, 14-1, 14-DBZ) and South Atlantic Championships (12s). All teams competed hard, and four of the teams came home with hardware! The 12s finished in first place out of 9 teams in…
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MVP wins at the Boys Atlantic Northeastern Bid Tournament!

This past weekend MVP sent 4 teams to the Boys Atlantic Northeastern Bid Tournament (aka BANE). The 15s won the Gold medals in the 15's Open Division, the 14s won the 14s Open Silver bracket, finishing fifth, the 17s won Silver bracket in 17s USA Division, and the 18s finished 20th overall in USA division…
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MVP Goes to Boys East Coast Championships!

Over Memorial Day Weekend MVP sent the 13s, 14s, 16s, and 18s teams to Boys East Championships in Richmond, VA, while the 12s competed in the South Atlantic Championships, which was a mixed tournament consisting of both boys' and girls' teams (also in Richmond). It was a great weekend for all teams. The 12s finished…
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Club Invitations Sent

Tryouts have come to a close, and club invitations have been sent for all age groups. The updated MVP player handbook for 2016-2017 has been uploaded. Please see the Team Documents page to download the latest club documents!
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2015 MVP Boys’ Tryout Dates

MVP Boys' Tryout Dates: Sunday 2015 October 4, 11, 18 Times and location will be posted shortly. Please check back for pre-registration process and more information.
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